Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bathroom Renovation Update.

So I realize I have done a lot of talking about some fairly minor renovations we wanted to do in our bathroom (see e.g., here), but we finally made some real progress last weekend!

Here is a (not a very good) before picture. As you can see, there were 3 large mirrors spanning the length of our vanity, which is about 10 feet long. That has to be some kind of record for the longest vanity, doesn't it?

Here is a better shot of the wall-o-mirrors when we were playing around with the idea of 3 smaller mirrors.

Last weekend, we took the plunge and pulled down the mirrors. While our main goal was to pull those suckers down, we also wanted to make sure we didn't end up with a bunch of little mirror pieces in the process. Justin had the great idea to put contact paper over the mirror to help keep things together if there was any breakage.

Thankfully, we only had one crack throughout the whole process, which I thought was pretty impressive. Justin put shims up at the top of the mirrors and then just slowly worked the mirrors off the wall. I think this "slowly but surely" technique was really the way to go to prevent breaking.

Here is the first mirror down (and my super handsome husband)!

For some reason, I got a kick out of Justin's outfit. While there really is a lot to comment on here, my favorite was his old pair of dress shoes. When I asked why he chose those over his usual tennis shoes, his response was "they're leather, they're old, and they're comfortable." Well, there you have it.

Here are 2 out of the three mirrors down! You can see the one crack where the blue painters tape is.

And it wouldn't be a home improvement project without the help of Riley. He enjoyed laying on the contact paper backing. I love his curled-under paw.

Here is one of the new mirrors up:

And here are 2 out of the three mirrors and a sneak peek at one of the sconces.

Of course, we still have a way to go with getting the wall patched and smoothed, repainting the bathroom, and getting the sconces wired.


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