Monday, March 11, 2013

New Door Hardware.

It's not only a Monday, but the Monday after the time-change.  Such a double whammy!  Regardless, happy Monday!  

We had a fun-filled weekend installing some new door hardware around the house.  To be fair, I installed the easy ones and Justin was in charge of the more complicated ones.  Here's the fun that was waiting for us on Friday evening when we got home from work.      

This was the before situation on every dang door.  It's not terrible, but those levers do nothing for me and the finish wasn't nice looking at all.    

Remember how I said that "good" brass is back?  Well I mean it.  Here's what our doors are adorned with now.  It's the Emtek Turino lever in French Antique with the regular rosette.   

One of the things I've known since day one in this house is that I wanted crystal knobs on the master bath doors.  Lucky for me, Emtek also offers beautiful crystal knobs and I could get them in the same finish with the same rosette as the levers.  These are the Old Town knobs.    

When I woke up yesterday (the first day after we installed them), they were the first thing I saw and they brought an immediate smile to my face.  And isn't that what decorating is all about -- making decisions that make you smile?  

In case you're curious, most of our other hardware (all faucets, kitchen hardware, etc.) are polished nickel.  It doesn't bother me at all to mix finishes.  In fact, I really like it.  I love the warmth the brass brings to the table.  

The hardware is even more beautiful that what I thought it would be.  In case you're in the market, I ordered them through Simpson's Hardware.  They had the best price by far and the customer service was great.  For the record, they don't know who I am; I just wanted to pass along the website in case anyone else is looking for new door hardware.  Oh, and Emtek has no idea who I am either.  I am just one very happy customer. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Craigslist Loot.

I mentioned in my last post that I scored some cool finds on Craigslist last week.  But pics or it didn't happen, right?

First up . . .  a sweet pair of end tables.

Yes, I realize this picture doesn't include the pair, but, take my word for it, the other one is exactly the same.  They are flanking our couch in our formal living room.  And while we're on the subject of the formal living room, the whole room is coming together!  I'll share my design plan for the room with you shortly (let's just say it involves leopard, floral, dark teal, and brass).

Next up . . .  the matching bad ass (sorry, that's the most fitting term for it) credenza.  The piece is in amazing condition and deserves some fabulous styling.  I really hate that the light switch is smack dab in the middle of that dang wall.  It really puts a cramp in my style.   

Look how pretty she'll look when she's all dressed up.

(photo: design crisis, which is a great blog, btdubs)

But that's not it . . . I also found a vintage chandelier from 1913.  The coolest part about it is that it was from a landmark hotel in town.  As of right now, the plan is to hang it in the master bathroom.   

And last but not least . . . I found a pair of nightstands for our guest room at an estate sale in the neighborhood.  P.S. Could this room be any more boring?  You can kind of see a tiny sneak peek at the color I'm painting the room in the upper right corner (it's Wild Aster by Benjamin Moore).       

So even though they are in no way styled, I'm super excited about these pieces!  And a shout out to my wonderful husband who is the one that has to do all the heavy lifting (literally) when I find something on CL that I can't live without.

Monday, March 4, 2013

5 things . . .

We are in the process of finally getting our official office set up at home, which means it will be tons easier for me to edit real pictures (as compared to the "fake" ones from my iphone).  In the meantime, here are 5 random things:  

(1)  This video of Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum on Jimmy Kimmel after the Oscars is freaking hilarious.  Justin and I have been singing the song for the past week.  It's so catchy.  Oh, and watching Channing at the end isn't bad either. 

(2)  When searching the interwebs today for a mint green paint color, I some how stumbled on this amazing baby mobile.  I have no need for a baby mobile at this point, but if and when we get pregnant, this may be the first purchase I make.  She has all kinds of different breeds, but of course I'm partial to this one.  Riley and Zoey are in favor too!     


(3) We are going to New Orleans soon and a trip to Leotine Linens is definitely in order.  I won't be able to afford anything, but I can drool at all the eye candy anyway.  

(4)  This amazeballs print from Black Crow Studios is totally happening in our dining room.  I can't wait to have it stretched so we can get it up on the wall.    

(5) I have found some incredible things from Craigslist and a nearby estate sale.  I'll have a post with pictures of my finds, which include end tables, nightstands, a buffet, and a vintage chandelier.  Thank you, Craigslist!   

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!