Sunday, February 27, 2011

5 things . . .

Here are 5 random things:   

(1)  First things first . . . hope y'all had a fabulous weekend!   We ran a bunch of errands on Saturday (and I was at the office for most of Sunday).  More details to come on what we purchased, but it includes:  (1) things for finishing the kitchen pantry and organizing the master closet from Container Store; (2) fun things for the downstairs guest bathroom from West Elm; (3) items to get our office better organized from Container Store and Anthro; and (4) this blazer from Banana Republic (it's sweatshirt material and super comfy, yet still looks polished.  I may be slightly obsessed with it.)

(photo: BR)

(2)  Remember the gorgeous chandy from the Guild Shop?

I decided to run over during lunch last week to check it out again.  Thankfully it was still there and was $40 cheaper than the price earlier in the week!  Score!  So it came home with me.  The chandy is not hung yet because it needs some maintenance first (nothing too major, just new phen sockets and some replacement prisms).  As soon as it's hung, I will share pics.  I actually decided to hang it some place other than the entry way -- more on that later.

(3) A big thanks to my friend Megan from Honey We're Home for featuring my Ikea cabinet makeover on her blog.   

Megan also featured Elsa's bedroom makeover, which is just fabulous.  (Love the yellow chevron in Megan's header and Elsa's drapes!) 

Her office is also amazing.  Check out Elsa's blog, Casa Greer, for all the details.

(4)  I now have over 200 followers!  Yippee!  Is it nerdy for me to be so excited?  Thank you to everyone who follows along!  On a related note, I recently updated my "about me" tab.  (I just noticed that I am wearing a white sweater and a green top/dress in both the picture on the about me page and my profile picture.  I do wear other things, I promise.)      

(5)  I apologize for the lack of posts late last week.  We had a pretty big case come up at work, so was a little busy dealing with that.  And sorry in advance if the posts are a little light this week too as a result.  

Have a wonderful Monday!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Guild Shop.

I recently cruised over to the Guild Shop, which is an amazing resale store in town, and decided to document my trip.  I would be in there every day scoping things out if their hours were better, but it's probably for the best.  Anyway, let's see what they had to offer.

This black nightstand/side table was so cute (and was only $39.00).  I actually saw it during my trip before (2 days earlier) and was digging the handle and the gold fretwork patter on the top.  Maybe it was because the pattern reminded me of my recent cabinet makeover.  The lamp on the right is pretty neat too (the one on the left -- well, I'll just say it's not my style).

They have tons of mirrors in every shape and size imaginable.  This fancy beauty caught my eye.  The frame was plastic, but it was only $18.00.

How pretty is this desk?  The lines were gorgeous and the leather inset with the gold trim was fabulous.  I sure wish I needed a desk.

Before you start worrying, I am not a fan of the fabric on these chairs, but the lines are great.  These puppies are just screaming to be reupholstered. 

And check out this old card catalog.  I don't know what I would do with it, but Mr. Goodwill Hunting found one at Goodwill recently and collected some great inspiration images.

Speaking of perfect candidates for reupholstering . . . this chair is so sweet.

This original painting almost came home with me, but I didn't know for sure where I would put it, so I passed. Now I wish I would have just bought it anyway.  It was $30.00.  The colors were more vibrant in person and it was just so sweet.

I am a complete sucker for milk glass.  Thankfully there were no pieces that were calling my name today, but I came very close to walking out of there with a large footed bowl for $18.00.

And if you need silver, this is definitely the place to check out.  They have tons of it.  During the recent episode of Dear Genevieve (I am a big fan of that show), Genevieve said thrift store silver was the way to go.

These candle holders would be perfect on a dining room table or buffet.

How sweet are these guys?  I almost bought them, but figured Justin wouldn't be a big fan.  I think for the pair they were originally $12.00, but marked down to $7.00.

And my favorite find of all . . . this beauty.  I am actually considering going back and buying it for our entry way.  I have to measure to make sure it will fit to allow enough clearance for the entry hall closet door to open, and if I wait a couple more days, the price will drop $30.00. 

There is also a console table there I am stalking.  Someone already purchased it, but hasn't been back yet to pick it up.  It is awesome -- like seriously, awesome.  I couldn't get a good picture of it; and some old lady was giving me weird looks as I was trying.  I thought maybe she was the buyer giving me the stink-eye for taking pictures of her table.  So I decided to keep walking.  Once I thought she was out of earshot, I asked a guy who worked there how long they had to come back and get it, and he said to check back in a week and if it's still there it may be a "contender" to sell (again).  Well, I will be checking back for sure.  And I'm pretty sure old stink-eye will be too.  She was listening so intently to what he was saying to me from afar, the guy even asked her if she needed help.  She quickly replied "no" when she was busted up for listening in on our convo.  I am so on to you old lady.

Of course, I will keep you posted if there are any developments with the gorgeous chandy or the table (or anything else that happens to come home with me)!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mockingbird Bistro.

One of our favorite places to grab a bite to eat and have a drink (or two) is Mockingbird Bistro.  We even broke our we-don't-go-out-to-eat-on-Valentine's Day rule because their menu looked too amazing to pass up (they had me at crab and corn souffle).  But since eating off their dinner menu on a regular basis isn't in our budget, we eat at the bar way too much.  They have, hands down, the best happy hour deals and bar menu in the city.  The kobe beef burger and truffle fries are seriously perfection; and I love their cheese and meat plate too (just to name a couple).  You can look at their menus here, but check back because they change often.

In addition to the outstanding food, Carlos, the best bartender/bar manager, serves some great wine and makes some pretty amazing drinks.  He also does tastings, which feature a different spirit (so far, there's been tequila, rum, bourbon, scotch, and vodka).  For the tastings, Carlos comes up with a special cocktail menu showcasing that spirit.  The most recent one was vodka.  Here's the menu:

Looks great, right?  Did you catch the name of the second drink?  If not . . . 

Yep, that's right.  Carlos named a drink after my blog!  Of course, it has all of my favorite things in it.  It was delicious!  So there's only one conclusion -- we are at the bar at Mockingbird way too much, or my blog is amazing.  Maybe it's a little bit of both!  :)

If you are in Houston, you should definitely stop by . . . whether it be for some food and drinks at the bar or a fancier sit-down dinner.  We have never been disappointed -- and that's saying a lot since we go there all the time.  The service, the atmosphere, the food and the drinks are always impressive.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am a big fan of ikat.  I love the variety of colors and the varying patterns it comes in.  It's super versatile -- it can sometimes be bold or other times more subdued.  (Side note:  Whenever I see the word and read it to myself, I pronounce it as "eye-cat."  And I don't feel like I need to justify myself here, clearly, that is the way the word looks.  But really it's pronounced "ee-kot." (see here and here; and listen here.)  More than likely, I will continue to pronounce it incorrectly when no one is around, but just thought I should clear that up.)

I love the bold ikat paired with the black and white chevron rug.  The right ikat + chevron = a match made in heaven.

The ikat print is playing a much more low-key role as throw pillows on the beds in this bedroom.  This entire room is fabulous in so many ways: the nightstand, the gold lamp, the color of those headboards, the pairing of the blue/green and pink, and the black and white rug (and of course the ikat pillows!).

(above photos: decorpad)

A bold ikat makes for fabulous curtains.  I love it paired with the other great fabrics on the couch.

There's a lot going on in this room, but check out those awesome yellow ikat drapes.  They are so pretty against the dark walls. 

(photo: the telegraph)

Ikat also makes for a pretty sweet ottoman too!

(photo: west elm)

And wallpaper.  I'm not sure about a whole room wallpapered in it, but doing panels like we did in our master would be a good option.

And how about some ikat accessories? . . . Like this gorgeous rug.

These super cute bowls.

(photo: anthro bowls via real simple)

And it's like the Target gods read my mind . . . here's an awesome ikat-inspired tray I came across today while shopping around. 

(excuse the terrible iphone pic; does anyone else feel the need to be sneaky when taking pictures of things in the store?)

But I'm not too sure about this ikat dress from Nordstrom.  What do you think?

(photo: nordstrom)

I am not opposed to all ikat clothing though.  This tank top from Anthro seems to strike the right balance -- the print isn't too large and the colors are muted.  I certainly wouldn't feel like I was dressed in curtain fabric while wearing this top.

(photo: anthro)

What do you think?  Do you like ikat?  Do you have any in your home or your closet?  Do you pronounce it correctly? 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ikea Cabinet Makeover.

Our office is currently a little lot on the bland side to say the least.  I am trying to decide on a paint color for the walls (leaning towards gray at this point), which will make a big difference.  But in the meantime, I decided to jazz up this boring Ikea cabinet. 

It went from this (seriously, could this picture be any more boring?)

To this!

Unlike the bathroom trellis wall, it was an easy project and took no time to complete!  The cabinet has glass front doors with panel inserts.  One side of the panel is white and the other is black.  I could have probably just painted directly on them, but they had a glossy finish and I was worried about paint adhering to them.  And I thought it may be a good idea to keep them on hand in case I later changed my mind.

So I went to the art supply store and picked up a couple of thin canvases -- not the ones that are stretched over frames.  For two canvases, it was about $14.00.  The nice thing about the canvas too is that it will be very easy to paint over the fretwork design if I ever want to change things up. 

Here's a shot to give you an idea of the thickness of the canvas.  We just used our mat cutter to cut them down to the right size.

The hardest part for me was figuring out the pattern measurements.  I spent quite a while growing increasingly frustrated that I couldn't figure it out.  It would have been easier if I could have just taped off the design itself and painted the remainder of the space the color.  But of course, I wanted the design itself to be painted. Justin was finally tired of listening to me complain nice enough to come over and offer his assistance.

In no time, he made his own graph paper and had a template drawn out.  Show off.

Once the template was cut out, I just traced it on the canvas.  I put a border of frog tape around the whole thing so the pattern wouldn't be right on the edge.   

Then I went around the pencil lines with the tape.  Once that was done, I took a kneaded eraser and went over the edge of the tape lines to create a good seal (and to clean up any pencil lines). 

To help ensure clean, crisp lines, I used white acrylic to paint over the edge of the tape.  That way if any of the paint were to seep under the tape, it would be white and unnoticeable.  (Thankfully the white paint I had on hand was an exact match to the canvas.) 

(for those of you who notice every detail in a picture, you may have spotted my newest craigslist find!)

After that dried, I did two coats of teal paint.

Then the fun part -- removing the tape!  I removed it while the top coat was still wet.  Thankfully, it needed only very minor touch ups. 

I was so excited to put those puppies in the cabinet.  What a difference! 

I love how such a simple change makes such a big (and fun) impact in our otherwise boring office.

I am still deciding what I want to put on top of the cabinet.  I am thinking some bins for mail sorting and maybe a fun lamp from HomeGoods.   Stay tuned for more office updates . . .

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Did you celebrate Valentine's Day over the weekend or do you have big plans for Monday night?  We are generally pretty low-key when it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day.  (For the record, we aren't unromantic, we just don't need a special day to remember to tell each other how much we love them.)   

In honor of the "holiday," here are some rooms that are Valentinesy (yep, just made up that word).

(all photos: decorpad)

And I've seen this image pop up on a few blogs recently and love it.  It just screams Valentine's Day to me!


Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

P.S. Megan from Honey We're Home came over this weekend to help me organize our pantry.  I was so thrilled to meet her!  She is so sweet, was a pleasure to work with, and did a wonderful job getting our mess of a pantry in order.  If you need some help getting things organized at your house, definitely contact Megan.