Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am a big fan of ikat.  I love the variety of colors and the varying patterns it comes in.  It's super versatile -- it can sometimes be bold or other times more subdued.  (Side note:  Whenever I see the word and read it to myself, I pronounce it as "eye-cat."  And I don't feel like I need to justify myself here, clearly, that is the way the word looks.  But really it's pronounced "ee-kot." (see here and here; and listen here.)  More than likely, I will continue to pronounce it incorrectly when no one is around, but just thought I should clear that up.)

I love the bold ikat paired with the black and white chevron rug.  The right ikat + chevron = a match made in heaven.

The ikat print is playing a much more low-key role as throw pillows on the beds in this bedroom.  This entire room is fabulous in so many ways: the nightstand, the gold lamp, the color of those headboards, the pairing of the blue/green and pink, and the black and white rug (and of course the ikat pillows!).

(above photos: decorpad)

A bold ikat makes for fabulous curtains.  I love it paired with the other great fabrics on the couch.

There's a lot going on in this room, but check out those awesome yellow ikat drapes.  They are so pretty against the dark walls. 

(photo: the telegraph)

Ikat also makes for a pretty sweet ottoman too!

(photo: west elm)

And wallpaper.  I'm not sure about a whole room wallpapered in it, but doing panels like we did in our master would be a good option.

And how about some ikat accessories? . . . Like this gorgeous rug.

These super cute bowls.

(photo: anthro bowls via real simple)

And it's like the Target gods read my mind . . . here's an awesome ikat-inspired tray I came across today while shopping around. 

(excuse the terrible iphone pic; does anyone else feel the need to be sneaky when taking pictures of things in the store?)

But I'm not too sure about this ikat dress from Nordstrom.  What do you think?

(photo: nordstrom)

I am not opposed to all ikat clothing though.  This tank top from Anthro seems to strike the right balance -- the print isn't too large and the colors are muted.  I certainly wouldn't feel like I was dressed in curtain fabric while wearing this top.

(photo: anthro)

What do you think?  Do you like ikat?  Do you have any in your home or your closet?  Do you pronounce it correctly? 


  1. I've been seeing this everywhere and I love it! Thanks for sharing a fantastic round up...and for making us sound smart with the proper pronunciation! :)

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. That first purple Ikat (by the way, I say "eye-kat" too!) chair picture is one of my favorite design images, ever. I always go back and look at it as inspiration for lots of color done well!

  3. I know I always mispronounce it in my head too. It just looks that way.

  4. I am with ya...totally mispronounce it everytime! I saw that tray at Target!!!

  5. I love all the Ikat prints, but those purple chairs are DIVINE!

  6. I do exactly the same thing...constantly correcting my inner voice "no, it's eeekat.: Great post.
    Mary Ann

  7. The Anthro bowls are so cute. I have one in chartreuse, and it is 100% worth getting a few because they're only like $8!

    Also... those purple chairs are amazing!

  8. I always think "eye cat" as well. Was corrected by a not so fabulous woman at a fabric store!!!! Now I think before I say it. Oh, dear! Love the print. Haven't used it yet, but thinking a pillow in our master. Have a great day.

  9. I'm pretty sure I'm the dork that looked up the pronunciation so I wouldn't sound like an idiot...yep. (c: LOVE me some ikat...and I'm totally all about the panels idea, sounds amazing! Happy Monday!

  10. I love Ikat! I just used an Ikat stencil on one wall in my dining room and I love it!

  11. I say it the same way you do - but, then I pronounce a lot of things incorrectly!

  12. 99% of the time I also say "eye-cat" and my husband will correct I heart ikat too! My favorite are the drapes that Kirsten has in her living room, they're so gorgeous!

  13. Hi Emily!
    I just found your blog and I'm a new follower :) Love it! I didn't realize it was pronounced ee-kot - you learn something new every day! Thanks for sparing me the embarrassment when I ask for it at a fabric store ha! :) Love all of those Ikat picks! I really need those purple ikat chairs in the first picture! Hope you're having a great Monday!

  14. I pronounce it correctly but I feel a wee bit like a pompous ass when I do. However, the opportunities for me to discuss ikat with anyone in my real life are few and far between so I am spared the embarrassment.

    I like the single color ikats (like 6th St's curtains) but the multi-color ones I generally find too busy.

  15. Love all of your examples, esp Kirsten's curtains.

  16. Great post Emily!! I just had some ikat pillows made (by my loving mom :) ). And sure enough, I call it eye-cat. what of it. :) Either way I love the pattern!

  17. ikat is fab! loving all of your picts! and your great blog:)

  18. Great pics! I kind of like the dress... I think it's because I really like that color combo.

  19. Love, love, love! I adore everything, really (: Those purple chairs rock, though!

  20. So funny about the pronunciation- I just heard Sarah Richardson say it correctly and took note! I totally dig your choices- did you see the new Z Gallerie chair- I saw it on 6th Street Design School's blog- pretty cool turquoise.

  21. Do you know who made the fabric for the indigo and white curtains? Thanks!


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