Sunday, October 31, 2010

Magnetic Chalkboard.

After a little test in patience, the magnetic chalkboard is done! 

I started off with an open-back frame from Hobby Lobby and a piece of MDF Justin cut to size for me.  First, I applied 5 or 6 coats (I lost count) of magnetic primer.  I read a bunch of the primer's reviews before starting and knew it was best to apply several thin coats to ensure the magnets would stick.  We also purchased rare earth magnets, which are stronger than typical magnets.  With taking those precautions, we haven't had any problems with the magnets sticking and holding paper.  My only problem with the primer is that it creates a bumpy surface.  Justin sanded it down some, but it's still not perfect.

After the primer, I put on 2 coats of chalkboard paint.  While it's still slightly bumpy from the primer, the chalk still works, but it's nearly impossible to draw a straight line!  But for our purposes, it doesn't really matter.       

Because the board is on our pantry door, the chalk would fall off if we just set it on the frame.  So instead, I purchased a votive holder from CB2 to serve as a chalk holder.  (I was originally hoping to use a chalkboard pen to avoid dust, but after testing it out, it didn't erase completely.) 

It's nice to have a handy place to jot down reminders and notes, and keep invitations and other things in view.  

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ruffled White Shower Curtain.

I love the cleanness* and freshness of a white shower curtain.  There is only one thing that could make it better . . . ruffles!   

(photo: anthro)

(photo: target)

 (photo: decorpad)

This one is pretty, but has a little too many ruffles for my taste.

Ruffles really do make most everything better.  For example:  

(photo: jcrew)

(photo: kate spade)

(photo: etsy)

* I had to verify that "cleanness" is actually a word.  I guess I've never spelled it out before, but I think it looks weird with the 2 "n"s (not that it looks any less-weird with only 1 "n").  Maybe I should have just used the word "cleanliness" instead and avoided it all together.        

Monday, October 25, 2010

Breakfast Room Light.

I just realized that I hadn't posted updated pictures of our breakfast room with the Calias chandelier from Z Gallerie.  It's been hung for quite some time, but I just thought about it because I sold our previous light fixture on craigslist this past week.  The new chandelier brings just the right amount of glam to the breakfast room!


Also, I'm in the market for a new centerpiece for the table.  Any ideas?  I don't want anything too crazy, but I need something a little more substantial.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Office/Guest Room Switchero.

We finally moved the major pieces of furniture from the office (including our daybed) to the guest room and vice versa this weekend.  But I need some input on the placement of the daybed.  I am thinking I like it centered on the wall, rather than centered under the window.  What you do think?  Our desks will more than likely be staying where they are in these pictures.

Centered on the Wall:

Centered under the Window:

Somewhere in the process of shifting the daybed around, we decided we didn't want the cabinet over there against the wall and the dogs decided to help rearrange the pillows on the bed.  They are such good helpers.

This room is a total work in progress (and a blank canvas) so I am sure I will be soliciting your advice along the way.  I am thinking about paint colors, a rug, art work, new desk chairs, window coverings for the doors, etc.  If you have any thoughts, please share -- I'm all ears.

Two things I know I want in the room are memo boards and chevron fabric, so I am thinking about covering cork boards in this fabric.

(Remember that chalkboard paint project I mentioned here?  Well, Justin decided the surface wasn't smooth enough, so he sanded it down yesterday and repainted it.  On the one hand, I guess I should be thankful I have a husband who cares about these sort of things, but on the other, I now have to wait another three days . . .)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I ran into Anthropologie this weekend for the sole purpose of returning something.  However, I couldn't resist the lure of the kitchen section.  (I never can.)  I certainly don't need measuring spoons, but I needed these measuring spoons.  

Seriously, how cute are they?!    

And, as a little teaser, I am jumping on the chalkboard paint bandwagon . . .

I'm a rule follower, and you're supposed to wait 3 days before using the chalkboard.  Tomorrow is (finally) the 3rd day.  In the meantime, since I am also super impatient, I used the paint stir stick to test out a regular ol' piece of chalk and a fancy chalk marker (and to test out including my awesome shadow in the picture).

I'll be posting pictures of the completed project soon. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bar Carts.

Maybe it's because of all the Mad Men we've been watching recently, but I really want a bar cart.  Like really bad.  I've been searching Craigslist trying to find one on the cheap, but haven't found anything I like thus far.

Here are some inspiring images that will have to suffice for now.

It looks even better against the trellis wallpaper!

 (photo: Habitually Chic)

 (photo: Habitually Chic)


(photo: SouthernAccents)

(photo: apartment therapy)

The bar cart in the following image is barely peeking out, but I loved the room too much not to include it.

 (photo: decorpad)

 (photo: decorpad)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

J. Crew Jacket.

Remember the J. Crew jacket I blogged about here?  This one . . .

(photo: jcrew)

It's now mine!  I got it in the plum color.  (Check out the new cobblestone and rainforest green colors too -- so pretty.)  I loved the jacket and knew it was meant to be when I received this little coupon in the mail just a couple of days after my post.   

I also picked up this shirt too (on sale + 25% off), but prefer to wear mine unwrinkled. 

(photo: jcrew)

Now I just need it to get cooler here so my coat can see some action . . .

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Houston Home.

I saw this amazing house that's for sale in Houston on La Dolce Vita and had to share it.  It's 5,000 square feet and can be yours for almost $1.4 million.  The outside is nice, but it's really the inside I am loving.

Check out those floor to ceiling windows, the gorgeous floor, and the amazing light fixture.  And the paint color is perfect.

This is the butler's pantry.  What's not to love?  Wine fridge, sink, glass front cabinets.  The chandelier may be my favorite part -- love it! 

I am totally digging this room.  The light fixture is just amazing.  Love the fireplace and all the windows letting in the natural light.  It's perfection.

The kitchen doesn't disappoint either.  I love the counter tops, subway tile, pot filler faucet, hardware, and the pendant lights over the breakfast bar.

This is the master bedroom.  The light fixture is great, but I really don't know what I would do without a ceiling fan in Houston.  You can also get a peek into the bathroom -- check out the light fixture and the tub.    

The bathroom is my favorite room of the house.  Check out the pattern of the tile surround.  It's so interesting.  And those sconces are lovely.  If I moved in, I would consider adding a little color to the walls, but something still light and calming. 

Again, the light fixture in this room is awesome.  I would love to meet the person who selected the lighting -- they are speaking my language!

(all photos: har)

A girl can dream . . .

Austin Trip.

Several weeks back we headed to Austin for a quick trip.  We got to town in time to watch the UT game at Ruby's parents' house with a bunch of friends.  (Thanks for hosting, David and Emilia.)  It was one of the few games we've actually won this season!

We love any excuse to go to Austin, but this time my best friend, Lauren, and her husband, Jacob, were in town!  It is always great to see them.  I can't wait for the day that they move back to Texas!

Later that evening, we went out for cocktails and dinner at East Side Show Room.     

The next day, we met up with some friends including Jeremy, Meagan, and Sawyer and Zach, Carrie, and Porter for brunch.  It was great to visit with them and see their cute kiddos.  After eating brunch and grabbing shaved ice at Sno-Beach, a group of us headed to Town Lake for a little kayaking.  

(photo: here)

I wanted to bring my camera along so badly, but Justin said it wasn't the best idea in case it got wet.  I am so glad I listened to him.  After being out on the water a couple of hours, we were getting tired and decided to head back.  Everything was going along just fine until, before I knew it, our kayak was upside down and we were in the water!  We still don't know what happened.    

Our friends, Kevin and Chris, came over to see what happened and to help us get situated back in our kayak.  Our two kayaks were right next to each other at that point, and I have no idea what the heck happened, but the 4 of us ended up in the water again!  The first time I was shocked, but the second time, I just had to laugh.  Thankfully my flip flops and Justin's shoes floated.  Sadly, Chris's free chipotle shirt and Kevin's converse and treasured Astros cap did not.  They are now at the bottom of Town Lake.

After getting cleaned up (and buying Kevin another pair of shoes), we enjoyed a hamburger at Hut's before heading back to Houston.  We had a wonderful trip and had a great time seeing everyone (and getting the full experience on Town Lake)!       

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A New Look.

First things first . . . the blog recently got a much needed makeover!  Erin over at Designer Blogs did a great job.  For all of you who view the blog in google reader, pop on over and let me know what you think.

Justin and I just got back from a 6-day trip to San Francisco (which included a day in the wine country) and Half Moon Bay.  I will have a full recap (as well as my long overdue recap of our Austin trip), but in the meantime, our trip consisted of the following:  food, wine, more food, beautiful scenery, scarves and sweaters!, and In-N-Out.

Here are two pictures of Napa from my Blackberry:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pretty Things.

I am loving this shirt from Anthropologie.

(photo: anthro)

And these flats from Kate Spade.

(photo: kate spade)