Sunday, October 24, 2010

Office/Guest Room Switchero.

We finally moved the major pieces of furniture from the office (including our daybed) to the guest room and vice versa this weekend.  But I need some input on the placement of the daybed.  I am thinking I like it centered on the wall, rather than centered under the window.  What you do think?  Our desks will more than likely be staying where they are in these pictures.

Centered on the Wall:

Centered under the Window:

Somewhere in the process of shifting the daybed around, we decided we didn't want the cabinet over there against the wall and the dogs decided to help rearrange the pillows on the bed.  They are such good helpers.

This room is a total work in progress (and a blank canvas) so I am sure I will be soliciting your advice along the way.  I am thinking about paint colors, a rug, art work, new desk chairs, window coverings for the doors, etc.  If you have any thoughts, please share -- I'm all ears.

Two things I know I want in the room are memo boards and chevron fabric, so I am thinking about covering cork boards in this fabric.

(Remember that chalkboard paint project I mentioned here?  Well, Justin decided the surface wasn't smooth enough, so he sanded it down yesterday and repainted it.  On the one hand, I guess I should be thankful I have a husband who cares about these sort of things, but on the other, I now have to wait another three days . . .)


  1. I like the daybed better centered under the window.


  2. Well shoot! Waiting is the hardest thing! I think I may like the daybed centered under the window. It gives you a bit more room if you are going to add a side table between it and the door. Also you may want to hang something on that side of the daybed. Can't wait to see what you do. I know it will be fab!

  3. I think I'm with your mom, but maybe I just need to see it with the rest of the decor in place. Did you think it looked too far right (lopsided) because the desk is also on the right? Luckily, it's an easy switch up to keep moving it until you find the perfect placement.

  4. Mom again - another thought: What about moving the desks closer to the window and putting the daybed on the long wall, closer to the bathroom? Just a thought.

  5. I agree, under the are planning to use some fabric window treatments on that window. You can do an offset like YHL did with their window covering hardware and then you can center the bed on that wall. Here's the link to what they did....

  6. I like it centered under the window as well. And I still think you could do long curtain panels there, you'd just pull the bed out a bit.

  7. Thanks for your thoughts everyone! I think I was inclined to not center it under the window because, as Megan said, everything looked like it was too far right and all lined up. But actually in looking at the pictures again today, I am liking it better under the window.

    Mom, I thought about that idea (moving the desks closer to the window), but since you see that window from the entryway, I thought the daybed would look nicer since the desks tend to get a little cluttered (especially Justin's).

    Tammy and Pigeon, thanks for your ideas about the curtains!

  8. What a great slate to begin with. I adore chevron anything and this color is great. I too like it centered under the window. When you add curtains (if you do) they'll look great.

  9. If you haven't bought the fabric yet, I found some here for really cheap! I also love chevron!


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