Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ruffled White Shower Curtain.

I love the cleanness* and freshness of a white shower curtain.  There is only one thing that could make it better . . . ruffles!   

(photo: anthro)

(photo: target)

 (photo: decorpad)

This one is pretty, but has a little too many ruffles for my taste.

Ruffles really do make most everything better.  For example:  

(photo: jcrew)

(photo: kate spade)

(photo: etsy)

* I had to verify that "cleanness" is actually a word.  I guess I've never spelled it out before, but I think it looks weird with the 2 "n"s (not that it looks any less-weird with only 1 "n").  Maybe I should have just used the word "cleanliness" instead and avoided it all together.        


  1. oh yes ruffles make everything better! That first shower curtain is gorgeous!!!


  2. I completely agree! Love ruffles!

  3. You crack me up! I am a ruffle girl through and through. Shirts, pillows, tanks . . . you name it. Ruffles make everything better!

  4. The black ruffled shirt is definitely something I'd wear!

  5. I love ruffles--whether it be on home furnishes (esp. pillows) or clothing (esp. shirts and sweaters)!

    : )

  6. I LOVE RUFFLES!!! I spent days searching for the perfect white ruffle shower curtain. The Urban Outfitters one is by far my favorite, but I couldn't let myself spend $80 on it, so I found one on amazon for $25 that was top to bottom ruffles like the Urban Outfitters one but they are bigger so it doesn't seem as full. I still like the UO one best, but for $25 I am completely happy with mine!

  7. New follower here! super cute blog, check out Love your background.

  8. Love the shower curtain and the word cleanness!


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