Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pretty Bedrooms.

I am totally digging these two bedrooms.  I love the neutral color palates -- it's so relaxing.  Yet neither room is boring.  Both rooms also have glamorous chandeliers, white French-inspired chairs, and white tufted headboards.  I'd say all of those things combine to make for some pretty spaces.

Hope you're having a great week! Friday is just around the corner!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pinterest Meals.

I love me some pinterest.  But really, who doesn't?  It provides such a great source of inspiration for decorating and clothes (among countless other things).  But recently, instead of just pinning pictures of tasty food, I've actually been making them.  Go figure!  Everything I've tried has been super successful!

Here's a rundown of some of my recent pinterest meals.

Simple Spaghetti Sauce -- I picked up one of those roasted chickens from the store and added some of it to the spaghetti for some protein.

Crockpot Chicken Taco Chili -- I added chopped jalapenos to mine for a little extra flavor.  We also topped it with some sliced avocado and a dollop of sour cream and served it over brown rice.  I could probably eat some combo of chicken, corn, black beans, tomatoes, and spice every night.   

Crockpot Beef Stroganoff -- This was so very good.  You can't go wrong with classic comfort food that's easy to make!   

Crockpot Carnitas -- These are heavenly.  The pork is so tender it melts in your mouth.  Thanks Lauren for passing this recipe along!   

(You may have noticed the list is a tad heavy on the crockpot meals.  We recently got a new crockpot because our old one, which we received when we got married, burned everything we cooked.  I turned to pinterest for some recipes to test out the new one.  I'm happy to report there has been no burning with our new crockpot!)  

Pepperoni Cheese Stick Roll-ups -- Ever since the Double Dave's Pizza close to us closed, I've been craving pepperoni rolls.  While these aren't as good as Double Dave's, they are pretty darn good.  I would definitely make them again (they take less than 10 minutes to throw together).  I used shredded mozzarella instead of string cheese.   

Green Monster Smoothie -- I mentioned before how I've be on a green monster smoothie kick.  This is the recipe I use every time.  It is so good and doesn't taste like spinach at all! 

No Bake Energy Bites -- I'm not sure how much energy these gave me, but they tasted so good I didn't care!  I omitted the coconut because I don't like it, but they really needed something else to help bind them together.  Instead, mine ended up more like cookie dough, but that was ok by me.  I just ate it by the spoonful! 

Sprinkles Cookies -- These could not be any easier to make and were very tasty.  You could totally use this concept (using cake mix for cookies) for tons of different cookies.    

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread -- This is banana bread is amazingly good.  When I went to make this, I realized my bread pans were in storage, so I improvised and used a muffin tin instead.  I brought them to work, and everyone loved them.  I was almost embarrassed to tell them how easy they were to make!      

Brownies -- These aren't your out-of-the-box brownies -- they are so much richer and more decadent.  Don't serve these without a glass of milk! 

Frankly, after looking back through this list, I'm surprised there aren't more desserts.  I tend to find myself pinning a lot of sweets -- especially anything with nutella!  I'm proud to see that what I actually cook is a little more well-rounded than what my pins would reflect.   

Have you made anything from a recipe you found on pinterest that I need to try?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jon Hamm.

We watched David Letterman the other night only because I was flipping through and saw that Jon Hamm was the guest.   It was a rerun, but new to me!  I am a huge Mad Men fan, and Jon Hamm makes me a little weak in the knees.  


But I have good reason to find him so attractive.  He and Justin share several of the same qualities (besides their dashing good looks).  Now maybe this is old news (and I'm usually the one out of the loop), but I just heard about several of these when he was on Letterman . . .

(1) They both played catcher.

(2) They both are fans of bourbon (well, Justin and Don Draper are.  I'm not sure what Jon's drink of choice is).  Or if you watched the last episode of Mad Men, they both like their drinks "big and brown."


(3) They both are fans of the website deadspin.

(4) They both went to UT. (Hook 'em)


You're welcome for all of the eye candy.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Weekend.

Hope y'all had a great weekend.  I can't believe it's over already!  I thought I would share mine through some Instagram photos.

My new gold Sperry's.  You can also see I've hopped on the colored-denim bandwagon.  I wore my teal jeans with my new bicycle shirt from Anthro (previously blogged about here) to brunch this weekend.    

This was how Riley was sleeping this morning when I woke up.  He was so snuggled in the covers.  Shortly after I snapped this photo, he stretched and pulled the covers over his head completely.  What a ham.

Justin and I have been reading the manual for our new camera (a Canon 60D) and taking pictures like crazy.  I am excited to keep practicing and learn how to use the camera.  Our weekend has consisted of talking about houses and f-stops, shutter speed, and ISO values.  Fun!      

A dream came true this weekend, Tiff's Treats opened a location here.  Tiff's Treats is likely the most ingenious idea for a business ever (especially to people like me with a major sweet tooth).  They deliver warm cookies with milk.  Let me repeat that -- they bring you fresh, warm chocolate chip cookies with milk to your door.  It was a college staple of ours when we were at the University of Texas.  When you live in a dorm and have no oven, nothing tastes better than these.  Even today, there aren't many chocolate chip cookies that are as good as Tiff's Treats.  So to relive our college days, we indulged in some today.  Oh my heavens.  They were so good.  We may have to rule out any new house that is not in their delivery zone!          

Speaking of tasty sweets, about a week ago my mom brought over some petit fours.  I've been on a huge green monster smoothie kick recently and had to laugh when my healthy smoothie was sitting next to these not-so-healthy (but super tasty) petit fours.  It was too funny not to capture.  And truth be told, I may have had one for dessert after I drank my smoothie. 

And before I forget, thanks for all your sweet comments on the house tour photos.  Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Full House Tour.

. . . Not of the late 80s/early 90s tv sitcom variety.  

So I mentioned in my last post that my super talented friend Carrie came over before we moved out of our home to take pictures.  Carrie normally takes pictures of precious babies, families, and weddings (not homes).  You can see her fabulous work on her website (Sweet Louise Photography) and on her blog.  Every time I look at her site, my ovaries hurt after browsing all of those adorable baby pictures.  Don't say I didn't warn you.    

Even though photographing homes isn't Carrie's "specialty," you would have never known by looking at her pictures.  She did such an amazing job of capturing all of the little things around the house - all of the things that made it a home.  (I may have teared up when I first saw the pictures.)   

Let's look at the pictures! 

Master Bedroom


Master Bathroom

Guest Room

Living Room


 Dining Room

Kitchen/Breakfast Room



Are you on beautiful picture overload?  There were tons more I wanted to include, but thought blogger (and/or your heads) may explode if I uploaded one more picture!  

Looking at the pictures now makes me even more excited to find our next dream home.  And you better believe once it's set up, I'll be begging Carrie to come back to capture it.