Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Weekend.

Hope y'all had a great weekend.  I can't believe it's over already!  I thought I would share mine through some Instagram photos.

My new gold Sperry's.  You can also see I've hopped on the colored-denim bandwagon.  I wore my teal jeans with my new bicycle shirt from Anthro (previously blogged about here) to brunch this weekend.    

This was how Riley was sleeping this morning when I woke up.  He was so snuggled in the covers.  Shortly after I snapped this photo, he stretched and pulled the covers over his head completely.  What a ham.

Justin and I have been reading the manual for our new camera (a Canon 60D) and taking pictures like crazy.  I am excited to keep practicing and learn how to use the camera.  Our weekend has consisted of talking about houses and f-stops, shutter speed, and ISO values.  Fun!      

A dream came true this weekend, Tiff's Treats opened a location here.  Tiff's Treats is likely the most ingenious idea for a business ever (especially to people like me with a major sweet tooth).  They deliver warm cookies with milk.  Let me repeat that -- they bring you fresh, warm chocolate chip cookies with milk to your door.  It was a college staple of ours when we were at the University of Texas.  When you live in a dorm and have no oven, nothing tastes better than these.  Even today, there aren't many chocolate chip cookies that are as good as Tiff's Treats.  So to relive our college days, we indulged in some today.  Oh my heavens.  They were so good.  We may have to rule out any new house that is not in their delivery zone!          

Speaking of tasty sweets, about a week ago my mom brought over some petit fours.  I've been on a huge green monster smoothie kick recently and had to laugh when my healthy smoothie was sitting next to these not-so-healthy (but super tasty) petit fours.  It was too funny not to capture.  And truth be told, I may have had one for dessert after I drank my smoothie. 

And before I forget, thanks for all your sweet comments on the house tour photos.  Hope your weekend was wonderful!


  1. Loving our new shoes - I may have to try on a pair - I'm hooked on Toms right now. Seriously, warm cookies? Yum! I'm reading your post when I've just woken up and now I'm craving warm cookies :)

  2. Our drs at work order us Tiff's Treat every Friday! Amazing right! Would love to have you stop by and link up to Saturday's post.

  3. I have a pair of gold sperry's that I am obsessed with, purchased just shy of two weeks ago and they are literally in every pict I post. :)
    Love your blog and beautiful home picts btw!
    Would love to have you follow me too!

  4. Your outfit sounds perfect for brunch...and warm cookies?!? what a treat!

  5. 1) Dangit- dessert delivery service was my million dollar idea. Shoot!

    2) Coral jeans. turns out they are the same ones Princess catherine wears! Woo!!

    3) Moeller's-yum. Even better if you live near it ;)

  6. cute sperry's! i need to wear my pink more often!

  7. I just bought some gold Sperry's too! I LOVE them! those petit fours look amazing!

  8. Great wrap up. We have matching shoes. Oh, you will so love the camera. You will be quite the little photog.


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