Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jon Hamm.

We watched David Letterman the other night only because I was flipping through and saw that Jon Hamm was the guest.   It was a rerun, but new to me!  I am a huge Mad Men fan, and Jon Hamm makes me a little weak in the knees.  


But I have good reason to find him so attractive.  He and Justin share several of the same qualities (besides their dashing good looks).  Now maybe this is old news (and I'm usually the one out of the loop), but I just heard about several of these when he was on Letterman . . .

(1) They both played catcher.

(2) They both are fans of bourbon (well, Justin and Don Draper are.  I'm not sure what Jon's drink of choice is).  Or if you watched the last episode of Mad Men, they both like their drinks "big and brown."


(3) They both are fans of the website deadspin.

(4) They both went to UT. (Hook 'em)


You're welcome for all of the eye candy.


  1. I didn't know Jon Hamm went to UT! Hello, fellow hottie Longhorn!

  2. I will take picture of Jon any ol' day, he is my kind of tall, dark, and handsome...on second thought, I have no idea if he really is tall...hmmm...I suppose if you look like that, it doesn't really matter (c;

  3. He is one handsome man! Not gonna lie!


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