Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bedroom Update.

So while our bedroom is far from being done, we accomplished getting it painted this weekend! As you will see, we went through a bunch of grays to find the perfect color.

Thankfully for people like us who can't make a decision based off the little paper paint swatch from the store, Benjamin Moore has new pint sized samples available for $6.99.

In the picture below, we tried Pigeon Gray (the lighter gray/blue color on top and again on bottom), Deep Silver (the darkest swatch), and Silver Fox (the small more brownish swatch right by the headboard and right next to the window). All colors are Benjamin Moore.

Once we got the colors up, we realized Pigeon Gray and Deep Silver were too blue. We both loved Silver Fox, but it was too close to the headboard color -- and I wanted more contrast.

We got three additional samples, which we put over the previous ones. The swatch by the headboard over Silver Fox and Deep Silver is Sterling Silver (the color we ended up choosing). The swatch over the lower Pigeon Gray is Silver Dollar. We also tried Stormy Monday, which is not pictured, but it is very close to Silver Dollar.

Here they are again in different light. The big swatch on the left is Sterling Silver -- we wanted to be sure that was the right color.

Here's a shot of the room in progress.

And as always, a picture of Riley helping us with the project. His nose was under the paper.

Once the floor became to uncomfortable for our helper, he moved to the bed.

After the first coat -- love it! (Excuse the ladder.) Both of our windows are open, so the opposite wall is getting good sunlight in this picture.

Here is the bed against the wall. It is just as I hoped it would turn out. And, sorry for not making the bed -- I didn't feel like it.

Our duvet cover hasn't arrived yet, but we should receive it next week. Here is a swatch of it, our headboard, and the paint. I am digging it.

I am thrilled with the way it turned out! Our bedroom is fairly large (13.5' x 18') not counting our sitting room, so this darker color really helps it feel more cozy. I can finally see it coming together. I can't wait to get it all completed!


  1. The color is perfect, and looks great with all the white trim! I love when colors make those details pop! Good job!

  2. Looks great! How many coats did you wind up doing?

  3. I love the color and I'm in the process of painting my bedroom now. I had a question, do you get much sunlight in your room? I have a bay window but we do not get much light. I would love to use your color but I'm not sure if it would be too dark. I'm trying to lighten the room up, but love your shade.

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