Thursday, August 13, 2009

5 things . . .

5 things I am thankful for . . .

1. Dreyer's Slow Churned Yogurt Blends in tart honey. I love Fage with honey, so this is essentially my favorite snack in dessert form.

2. That tomorrow is Friday and the office is having my favorite breakfast -- Einstein's bagels!

3. The "Cheating Death" segment on the Colbert Report. My favorite part is the intro to the segment where he is playing chess.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Cheating Death - Diabetes Dogs, Chocolate Milk & Swearing in Pain
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorMeryl Streep

You can see more Cheating Death clips here.

4. Houston Restaurant Week. Sadly, we have only been to one place so far (Vic & Anthony's), but we have plans for next week. I will be back with reviews of all of the tasty food (and my ever growing waistline).

5. Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment. I previously blogged about the un-tinted version here. My review is still the same, but this one has an added bonus -- I love the sheer tint.

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