Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mam's Sno-balls.

Eureka! Thank goodness it is hot in Houston most months out of the year, because we just found a super tasty New Orleans style sno-ball place! We used to go to Casey's snowballs all the time in Austin when we were in college. This place is very similar and is a heck of a lot closer!

(photo: mam's facebook page)

I got the orchid cream vanilla flavor (it is one of their top sellers). I don't really know how to describe the taste except for utter deliciousness. I had to take a picture of its pretty purple color. Yum!

Justin got the chocolate flavor, which is the same one that he used to get at Casey's. It took us back to old times! I used to always get the wedding cake flavor from Casey's. Mam's has it too, and it may be the next one I get. I am already planning my next trip back. They also have a cute dog sno-ball where they put chicken broth over ice. Riley came with us, but we didn't get him one -- I know, we are bad parents.

While we were eating, I noticed a little restaurant across the street. You may have to click on the picture to see it, but the place has "Chinese Food and Fried Sea Food." Is that not the weirdest combination? And, it's not just regular sea food -- it's fried sea food. Don't go in there asking for grilled or blackened fish.

Riley was tuckered out after his big Mam's outing.


  1. Clearly Mam's flavors were better than Tampico's. Tampico's had a bunch of fruity flavors, but I forgot how much I like the chocolate from Casey's! We'll definitely do Mam's next time!

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