Thursday, August 20, 2009

Houston Restaurant Week.

Here are some pros and cons from the places we enjoyed during Restaurant Week. While the food has been great, I have definitely gained a few pounds!

Vic & Anthony's Steakhouse

  • Mac and Cheese (my heavens, this stuff is pure gold)
  • Mushrooms
  • Tasty steak (of course)
  • Phenomenal croissant bread pudding (no raisins, delicious caramel bourbon sauce)
  • We had reservations, but we still waited over 45 minutes for our table. In full disclosure, we requested a specific server, but still . . .
  • Feeling extremely full after over-indulging.
V&A was the first place we tried out and it has been my favorite place, hands down.


We didn't eat off of the RW menu at Gravitas. We are rebels, I know.


  • Great scallops
  • Good bread pudding with a nice caramelized crust on top
  • Took forever to get drinks
  • Food was decent, but nothing spectacular
  • Super loud inside (this is nothing new there)

  • Eating with Meagan and Jeremy
  • The decor was great:
  • None of the food was worth mentioning in the pros
Del Frisco's

  • Great dinner salad with avocado dressing (and hunks of avocado) and bacon
  • Delicious steaks
  • Mediocre bread pudding
  • Valet parking took forever
Our waiter at Del Frisco's told us that they (and some other restaurants) were extending RW for another week. I don't know if my pants can take another week -- they are already tighter!


  1. I like how you tried bread pudding at every place! (Except *17 of course.)

    I vote for The Grove on Sunday!

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