Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lip Balm Review.

I love lip balms. I also have a terrible habit (and always have for as long as I can remember) of biting my lips. So good lip balms are a necessity -- they heal my lips and prevent me from biting them in the first place.

Here are my go-to balms/treatments:

I have been using this stuff for a long time. I have tubes and jars of it in my purse, briefcase, desk at work and home, and on my nightstand. It is a great balm and stays on forever -- I'll put it on at night and my lips are still coated and soft in the morning. The only downside is that it is a little on the greasy side and a tad pricey, $6.50 for a tube. It also comes in various flavors, I usually stick with the original, but the mint is great too.

I just got this balm for Christmas. It has a lemony scent, which I love. I usually put this stuff on in the morning when I am getting ready. It is not overly greasy and leaves my lips feeling super moisturized and silky. My main complaint is the price -- it is $22.50 for a tube of it. I would buy it again, but it is definitely not a budget-friendly balm.

This stuff is hands down my new all around favorite. It is not too greasy or waxy, like some balms tend to be. It has a nice sheen and hydrates my lips like nothing else I have tried. I have also used it on my cuticles, and it leaves them nice a soft. The salve also reasonably priced, $6.00 for a tin, which lasts a while. It smells like roses, which takes a little while to get used to, but the scent has grown on me. The only negative is that it only comes in a tin. I don't like having to use my fingers to apply it, but it is so amazing otherwise, it it totally worth it.

Last, but not least, a great go-to drugstore product is Aquaphor. I was told to try this on my lips way back in high school and it really does work to heal chapped lips. It is also good for dry skin. The price is great too, around $6.00 for a huge tube of it. The major downside is how greasy it is -- it is definitely more of a night-time treatment rather than for use during the day.

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