Monday, February 16, 2009

Sproost Quiz.

I often wonder how best to describe my design taste. So when I saw this online quiz at to take "to discover my personal style," I was hoping it would help me pinpoint my style. After taking it, I think it is pretty accurate. Here are my results:

Here was my own take on my style in a previous post -- "traditional, modern, glamour, and a touch eclectic." So it looks like I wasn't too far off. After reading the description under each category, I think I may lean towards Modern Elegance more than the others, but I am pretty evenly distributed among the three.

French Eclectic: "Somehow manages to be both formal and casual, classy and unassuming at the same time."

Hollywood Couture: "You can take it in any direction and add almost any style into the mix — perhaps a contemporary leather sofa paired with lacquered Louis XIV chairs that have been upholstered in lush velvet. The key is that each item feels as rich and over-the-top as possible and yet everything still seems livable."

Modern Elegance: "You may love contemporary, but wish it wasn't quite so cold and austere, or perhaps you're drawn to traditional rooms but you'd like to create a less cluttered and busy space. . . . The room feels simple and sophisticated, elegant and hip."

Definitely check it out. Besides figuring out your style, there are some great (and not so great) rooms on the site for inspiration.

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