Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sofette Side Table.

I had been looking for a little accent table to relieve my Jules table from stand-in duty next to the sofette in the breakfast room. Ever since I saw the Jules tables, I loved them together in a set. They just look better nesting, but I had to split them up so we would at least have something next to the sofette (a.k.a. a place to set my wine glass) until we could find something else.

In one of my trips to Pottery Barn, I stumbled on a cute little side table over by the bathroom section. It is the perfect scale for the sofette and goes well with our existing tray stand from West Elm. Only bad part was that it had to be ordered, which always irks me since patience is not one of my virtues. Once it came it, I tested it out and it was perfect . . . I put my feet up on the ottoman as I flipped through my last magazine from Domino (sniff, sniff) and had my wine within reach. Perfection.

And the smaller Jules table was reunited with its larger counterpart in the living room. Much better!


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