Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bathroom Renovation.

I don't really mind our bathroom -- it could be better, but overall I am okay with it (which is saying a lot coming from me). However, it really bothers Justin because as he says "it has so much more potential." It didn't help that my mom (in a very nice way) agreed with him and said she noticed that it wasn't as nice as the rest of the house (or something to that effect).

I understand where they both are coming from, so we took advantage of Restoration Hardware's bath sale. Here is what we are thinking, as of right now:

Remove the massive mirror and replace with 3 framed mirrors (hence, the lovely blue painter's tape above). We purchased these beauties below from RH, but after seeing super cheap mirrors that we could frame out ourselves at Lowe's this weekend, I am motivated to save some money and see how they would turn out. We should be getting the RH mirrors later this week. So we will see. I am also slightly concerned it could look to "mirror-y." I don't want it to look odd with 3 mirrors, but our vanity is 10 feet long, so we really need something more than just 2 large mirrors. Any thoughts?

We also bought 4 scones to go on each end and in between the mirrors (where the painter's tape "hyphens" are). I always love the look of sconces in the bathroom -- very Divine Design-ish. And our bathroom is pretty terrible when it comes to lighting, so the sconces will be perfect.

My mom also sent the picture below as inspiration (thanks, mom!). I love it. They actually framed out a big wall mirror like we have with molding. We are looking into that option too, but could turn out to be just as expensive since it is something we would want a professional to do. But at least it gives me a good idea of the direction we are headed.

(photo: better homes and gardens)

While we are doing all of this in the bathroom, I have also had a change of heart about the paint color. I still like the blue, and it really helps make the bathroom not feel so massive, but I think I would rather have a more calming, spa-like feel. I love the gray color in the picture above (and have been thinking about Benjamin Moore's Silver Fox (gray) for the bedroom).

My special request in the bathroom is a chandelier over the bathtub, which isn't pictured above. I haven't found the perfect one yet. We need something smaller and in a silver/nickel finish with crystals. If you see anything that fits the bill, let me know.

It could be a while for the final product, especially since the sconces are on back order until June, but I will be sure to post pics of the progress and the spa-like after. And don't worry, we plan to leave my favorite part of the bathroom -- the mini-refrigerator.

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