Sunday, August 22, 2010


It had been a while since I'd taken and posted updated pictures of our entire entryway.  No major changes, just thought I would keep things up to date.

I knew this pillow from Z Gallerie would be great for the chair the minute I saw it.  I actually didn't buy it then (given my love for it, I have no clue why), but every time I walked in the door I would think about how it was a mistake.  So I drug Justin back with me a couple days later to pick it up.  So glad I did (as I am sure Justin is too)! 

When we were in San Diego, one of the cute little shops in Ocean Beach had the same pillow and placed a fancy crystal broach in the center of the flower.  Such a great idea!

And . . . remember the wallpaper panels I talked about here?  Well things took a bit longer than expected (isn't that always the case?), but they are done and I will back with pictures soon!


  1. Love that chair! Looks so pretty!

  2. what a pretty chair and pillow. your house is beautiful.

  3. oooo yes yes yes! a new blog for me to drool over! so excited. Your entryway----gorgeous.lovely.fabulous!

  4. Great find! Your entryway is so pretty! I love the rug too and your staircase is just awesome!


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