Monday, August 9, 2010


It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Sarah Richardson. I found out yesterday from Bryn's blog that many of Sarah's jackets are designed by Smythe, Tommy's sister.  How cool is that?

I love a good jacket, and the Smythe ones are very cool (expensive, but cool).  How great are these two?

 (photo: ssense)

(photos: bloomingdales)

Pink, elbow patches, cute buttons on sleeves = perfection.  So I sent the link to the pink jacket to Justin via gchat.  Here is our conversation:

  tempting, i tell you
  on sale
  in my size
1:16 PM Justin: nice patches
 me: um, they are awesome
1:35 PM Justin: It's not that bad. It is cute
1:36 PM It just reminded me a little bit of a riding jacket
  maybe because of the patches
 me: it is equestrian inspired
1:37 PM it's cute


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