Monday, August 30, 2010

PB Teen.

Should I be concerned about the number of things I liked from the Pottery Barn Teen catalog that I just happened to flip through?  And I'm not talking about liking things like when I look at the Restoration Hardware Baby catalog and think how precious things are.  I am talking about actually considering buying them for my house now. 

(the shower curtain is what caught my eye, but the polka dot towels are pretty darn cute)

and possibly my absolute favorite out of the bunch . . .

(all photos: pb teen)


  1. No concern...I find myself liking lots of things from PB Teen and Land of Nod. I think people fall into the trap too many times trying to make their home look like pix in a magazine. I want my home to be pretty and neat too, but I want it to look lived in and present items that I like, not what some designer likes. Homes need personality and by mixing things up a bit, you do just that! I love the polka dotted chairs and the pink & black lamps. I could see those in any adults space! Even your's!

    : )

  2. Love this last mirror! I love PB teen!


  3. I know! I love PB teen! Such good picks! =)

  4. The mirror is my fav! I love that store.

  5. But really, I always look through their catalogs. PB Teen is so cute! You just never know when something might match your house! I love the polka dot desk chair for a girly office!

  6. I feel the same way! I love PB Teen too! I think the lamps in your first pic are so cute, and affordable!

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