Sunday, August 29, 2010

5 things . . .

5 things I am currently digging . . .

1.  OPI - Dim Sum Plum nail polish. 

 (photo: here)

which leads me to my next item:

2. OPI Drip Dry.  

(photo: amazon)

This product is life changing.  Seriously.  I hate messing up my nails, and always feel like I am incapable of doing much of anything after I get my nails done for at least 45 minutes.  But with this, you just put a drop or two on each nail and within 4 minutes you're good to go!  It's pricey, but well worth it in my opinion.

3.  Lululemon.  In particular, the reverse groove workout shorts.    

And these groovy run shorts.

Okay, so like the drying drops above, lululemon's stuff is not cheap.  But the shorts are so comfortable and don't ride up.  Frankly, I wear them around the house when not working out because they are so comfy (love not having the typical elastic waistband).    

4.  These Pottery Barn mirrored trays:

5.  Gap's city flats.

These are great little flats for a reasonable price (and even more reasonable with the current 30% off coupon).  They also come with a little pouch so you can fold them up and toss them in your bag. 


  1. I honestly think I give myself a better manicure by using drip dry stuff, minus the good feet and hand massages.

  2. I adore my lulu reverse groove shorts, they are fantastic. I've yet to try the groovy run shorts but need to because they looks so comfy. Which is more comfy?

  3. Sarah - I think they are both equally as comfy. You should definitely try out the groovy run shorts (they have a cool little zippered pocked in the back). Let me know how you like them!

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