Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bedroom Update: Wallpaper Panels.

I posted previously here about deciding what wallpaper to use for the panels in our bedroom.  While I really love the look of the romo kimura wallpaper, after a lot of thought, it just wasn't the best choice for the space.  So I ordered 6 more samples from Graham & Brown.

(click to enlarge the pics to see the samples close up.)

I had to include this one because Riley is such a good helper!  

Here's a close up of the 2 on the far right.  After seeing them in the space, I'm not going to use either of them for the panels, but plan to frame them and use them somewhere else.  You gotta love $2.00 art!

Here's a close up of the 3 on the far left.  I love the pattern and that they're metallic.  We decided on the one on the left for the panels.  It's the manderley in gold.  It's perfect -- the flowers are gray and pick up the wall color and the duvet cover, and the background is a gold-ish beige, which picks up on the linen piping on the bedding and the headboard.

Hopefully the wallpaper will get here this week and we can put up the panels shortly thereafter!   


  1. That will look beautiful! Great choice!

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