Monday, May 10, 2010

Dallas Hotels.

During a two of my recent trips to Dallas, I stayed at the Warwick Melrose Hotel.  The hotel is very charming, and I enjoyed my stay both times (even if it was for work).  The rooms were nice and spacious, comfortable, and decorated beautifully.

How great are those crystal lamps and mirrored-top nightstand?  And the chair and ottoman were so cute.  

One of my favorite pieces of furniture was the mirrored dresser.  I wish it would have fit in my carry on! :)

Both of my rooms had nice bathrooms.  Here's the first one: 

and a portion of the second one.  I loved the scones.  I didn't get a good shot of the whole bathroom in my second room because the natural light wasn't cooperating.

I don't know if my favorite part of the room was the glass doorknobs . . .

or the ceiling fan (which is really a must in Texas).

I loved the lanterns that lined the entire hallway.

The staff was also extremely friendly and the bar there was great too.  Overall, two thumbs up.  I would definitely stay there again. 

I also stayed at the Fairmont during another one of my trips to Dallas.  It was nice, but nothing super special.  I was also in my room for all of about 8 hours, 6 of them spent sleeping.  The room was big and had a large closet as well.  It just didn't have the charm of the Melrose.

But I did have some great views of the hotel pool and of the city from my room:

(Pardon the quality of my pictures, they were all taken with my blackberry.) 

Despite staying at nice hotels and eating delicious meals, my favorite part of every trip is coming home to my wonderful husband and the cutest dogs.


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