Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kate Spade.

I recently stopped by the Kate Spade store and there wasn't much I didn't like.  That didn't surprise me, but what stood out the most (well, besides these shoes) was the store's amazing gallery wall.

It's such an eclectic mix, but it all looks cohesive with the black frames.  (The arrangement nicely demonstrates Cassie's point over at hi sugarplum about the power of black frames!)  The pink peonies were the first thing that stood out to me.  (I love me some pink peonies.)  I am also loving the simplicity of the ampersand and the shadow boxes with dominoes and match boxes.  The configuration is well balanced and the overall impact of the collection is simply fabulous.  

Oh, and in case you're wondering . . . I didn't walk out of there empty-handed.  I snagged this little necklace.

Isn't it cute?!

(photos: justin's droid; kate spade)


  1. Love almost everything that Kate Spade does/makes/designs! It's a problem.

  2. Love Kate spade....and pink peonies!

  3. I am going to be making her red ambersand art for my room! :) love it!

  4. I love it! So random, yet it comes together beautifully. Love pink peonies too. Can't wait for spring so I can watch the ones we grow bloom again!! That necklace is adorable.

  5. I love Kate Spade too! I just got a new iPhone case from her!

  6. ooo, i've never been to her store...but her gallery walls are insane.

    thanks for the shout-out!

  7. I'm so glad you snagged a picture! What a fab gallery wall. All the images are so fun, without being overly feminine.. I dream of a gallery wall this awesome! Cute necklace too!

  8. any ideas where to buy that peony canvas?


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