Sunday, January 23, 2011

Craigslist Find.

I frequently search for good deals on craigslist. If you have spent any time on craigslist, you know there is a bunch of junk out there for sale. I always get a good laugh at some of the things people try to sell, the terrible pictures people post, and the price at which things are listed.

But I came across an ad today that was too good not to share:

The title of the post made me view the ad -- it's not every day you see a table referred to as "stupid."

I love how the seller blames the stupid table on his wife. And that he tells people that he is trying to unload it before she returns home from a business trip! But my favorite part, of course, is that he will reduce the price if you bring him a tall boy! This husband sure sounds like a keeper.

I can imagine the conversation when his wife gets home:

Her: Honey, where's my little table I've had since before we got married?
Him: I sold it.
Her: Why?
Him: It was really stupid.
Her: No it wasn't. How much did you sell it for?
Him: $13.00.
Her: $13.00?! It was worth more than that!
Him: Oh, and I got a beer out of the deal too.

Have you seen anything on craigslist that made you laugh?


  1. im literally laughing out loud :))

  2. Oh that's to funny. I wonder how many 'replies' to that add that guy received just telling him 'lol'.

    Love it!

  3. hilarious! i've referred to a few pieces in my home before as stupid too

  4. this is awesome!!

    i haven't seen anything this funny on craigslist recently, but we scored a sweet dresser on saturday for $40 from the CL! out next mission is to find a treadmill...

  5. OMG! That is so darn funny. The beer puts it over the top. you bought it, right! ;)

  6. This cracks me up... Craigslist sure knows how to attract the crazies.


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