Monday, January 24, 2011

Better Late Than Never?

This post totally wins the award for being the most out of date post of all time.  I actually forgot about the holiday dresses I posted about here altogether and thought about not posting them (since it's the end of January after all), but I told you I would show you the winner, and I keep my word!  (I am sure you have been anxiously awaiting the results!)

{And I promise all of these looked better on than what they look like on the hanger.}

This one was the 2nd runner up (like beauty pageant style results).  I liked the cut, but it washed me out a bit -- I am super pale.  The fabric was a very cool texture and had a little shimmer to it, that you can't see in the picture.

When I originally posted about the options a thousand years ago, I didn't have the red dress because my Nordstrom didn't have it in my size.  But it was really the dress I saw first in the catalog and loved.  So they tracked one down for me.  The color and style was my favorite, but it was too big.  Boo.  It was the 1st runner up.

How great is Nordstrom's customer service?  Look at this sweet letter I received in the mail a couple days later.

And for the winner: 

It's pretty plain, but it looked better on and it had some fun detailing on the skirt.  It also had an exposed zipper in the back, which I liked.  I added a green necklace to add some interest up top.  I tend to settle on "safer" things more often than I would like to admit (especially when it comes to work-related things).

And yikes, this is not a good picture of either of us, but you can at least see the fun necklace I wore with the dress to jazz it up a bit.  It's from Anthro (I couldn't find it online anymore to link to). 


  1. Love your choice! Can I borrow the red? it's pretty fabulous too :)

  2. You looked GREAT! The red sure would've been fun for a holiday party, but maybe you'll get more use out of the black one. I'm going to try to do some shopping tomorrow . . .

  3. While I loved the red, I really like the one you chose. Very classy!!

  4. Love the black, you can never go wrong with black and you will wear it a million times!

  5. You can't go wrong with black. You look cute!

  6. great dress!! the red one is so cute. i love that cut and neckline.

  7. How nice was that note! I also love the detailing on the dress. Would be awesome with a little cardigan over it too!

  8. You guys look great! And you probably had a better time because you felt more comfortable in that gorgeous black dress. The red one though made me kind of grab at the screen....I'm going to need a link!

    And the martha tray is amazing...make one and let us know how it goes. :)

  9. You look adorable and I love Nordstrom! How cute that they wrote you a letter (:


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