Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guest Blogging.

I am guest blogging today at one of my favorite blogs, Honey We're Home, as part of Megan's Getting Organized for the New Year Series!  Come check out how I keep my magazine inspiration photos organized. 


  1. Found your blog through Honey We're Home - great suggestions! I really, really need to rip up my old mags and just keep what I need.

  2. I LOVE your binder idea. I am a huge binder girl and have no idea why I haven't done this. I will be able to part with magazines now. Thanks my love.

  3. Loved your guest post over at Megan's! I'm a huge magazine girl,& loved the idea of the inspiration binders but some of my mag titles I can't bear to tear up (can you say Vogue:)

  4. Loved your post! This is a change that I've needed to make for so long, not sure why I've been putting it off. Thanks for the inspiration! I'll be heading to Target soon to pick up some cute binders.


  5. Great ideas - I'll be copying them!


  6. Beautiful Blog - I have some eading to do:-)

    I'll start with your guest post!


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