Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Minimum Requirements.

I mentioned here that we recently went to a UT football game. During the game, I came to the conclusion that there really needs to be some minimum requirements to be able to get a ticket. I am not talking about a high bar for admittance, but there should be some basic safeguards in place, especially for high-demand games.

As a disclaimer, I bleed burnt orange. For example, as a baby, I had a longhorn onesie. I have probably been in front of the TV for the majority of UT games my entire life (even if all I remember was my dad yelling at the refs).

In any event, we had a heck of a time finding tickets to the UT/Tech game. We were constantly scouring craigslist and would contact the seller almost instantaneously, and the tickets would already be gone. It was crazy. We finally found some tickets (after several people before us flaked on the seller). So with that background of being totally consumed with trying to find tickets (and we were willing to pay what I consider to be a premium), I was a little perturbed with the people I saw in the stadium. That led me to think about some requirements UT should have in place to get high-demand tickets.

1. You have to have at least a basic understanding of football. I am not talking about having to know all the hand signals used by the refs or the height, weight, hometown, and middle name of each player on the team, but merely a working knowledge of how the game is played. The boyfriend of the girl sitting next to me had to explain what downs were and that after 3 of them, if the team doesn't get 10 yards, the other team gets the ball. Puh-lease. I am pretty sure my mom understands that concept (no offense, mom).

2. You cannot even think about bringing a book, newspaper, or have your cell phone out during the action. Someone sitting near us was texting almost the entire game. She was paying absolutely no attention to what was happening on the field. Even when the person she was with tried to get her engaged in the game, she was having none of it and continued texting away. That brings me to point 3 . . .

3. You have to appreciate either college football or UT athletics. The same texter mentioned in number 2 sent the following message: "OMG. These people are crazy. They are yelling." (Yes, I have no shame -- I read her text message.) Are you kidding me chick, you are in a stadium with over 100,000 longhorn fans at one of the biggest games of the season. You better believe we are yelling Texas Fight!

Perhaps if these requirements were met, it would give people who are actually fans of the game a better shot at getting tickets. It's a win-win, really. People who don't understand football, don't care about UT or college football, and who would rather read a book or text a long lost friend can do so in the privacy and quietness of their own home without all the crazy, longhorn fans around disturbing them.


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