Sunday, September 27, 2009

Austin Trip.

I am way behind in my posts, but last weekend we went to the UT/Texas Tech football game. We paid way too much for tickets last minute from craigslist, and then Justin pricelined (yes, I just made that a verb) a great hotel for cheap the afternoon before we left. It was well worth all the craziness trying to get everything lined up (even for a type A personality like me).

We got into Austin on Saturday and went to the Salt Lick for some delicious bar-b-que with some friends from my office. After we recovered from our meat coma, we headed to the game.

Thankfully it was an evening game, but it was still hot! The game was great (and was even better since we won)!

After the game, our friend Chris picked us up and took us to Tiff's Treats. They make cookies and deliver them warm to your door (with milk). Pure genius! They also have a pick-up location, which is where we headed. I hadn't had them since I was in college, and they were just as tasty as I remembered.

We then met up with Jeremy and Meagan at Kerbey Lane. Yes, that's right -- we had some delicious cookies and then went for some dinner/breakfast. You have to eat the cookies while they are still warm (and drink the milk while it is still cold).

Here are me and Meagan waiting for our table:

And the boys (Justin, Jeremy, and Chris):

Sunday afternoon on our way out of town, we met up with Chris, Jeremy, Meagan, Zach, and Carrie for some great food at Matt's El Rancho.

Good food, good football, and good friends make for a great weekend!

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