Saturday, September 12, 2009

Physique 57.

It's official. I am getting my butt in gear and getting back in shape. Working tons recently has not resulted in the best eating and exercising habits. But that is about to change.

So this morning I came downstairs to do my Physique 57 videos that were delivered earlier in the week. Justin came down a few minutes later and sat on the couch and proceeded to comment on my moves ("your back is not as straight as theirs is") and laugh at the lady's motivational sayings ("push out the fat").

He works out at the gym at his office and plays volleyball in a work league during lunch. I wish I worked closer to him so that I could go over to his gym when he worked out and sit around and make comments like: "that's all you can lift?" "doesn't the treadmill go faster than that?" "your serve wasn't as good as that other guy's."

I hope to have positive updates on my progress of getting back in shape. I can say that Physique 57 kicked my butt this morning.

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