Thursday, September 10, 2009

5 random things . . .

I am back am back from Kentucky! The dispute was successfully resolved in our favor (big time), in case anyone was wondering. I am too tired to put together a coherent post involving paragraphs and correct punctuation, so here are 5 random thoughts:

1. Justin lost his wedding ring when I was out of town. (It sounds shady, I know.) Hopefully it will turn up soon. It wasn't super expensive, but of course, it has a lot of sentimental value. It makes me sad seeing his left hand without a ring on it. But back off ladies, he is still taken!

2. Why when I order several different things online, the majority of the packages come on Tuesday, the day after I go out of town? At least I had 3 fun packages to open when I got home.

3. Having a key fob / push button start for my car is awesome 99% of the time, but is a royal pain the butt when the batteries die in both key fobs at the same time.

4. I wish shopping for a new pair of jeans was easy.

5. Firefly sweet tea vodka is delicious.

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  1. #1 happened the day before Valentine's Day in 2007. We hadn't even been married 2 months! It happened again a year or so later. This is why Jeremy is now the proud owner of a $40, non-sentimental, James Avery wedding band.


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