Sunday, September 6, 2009


I swore up and down this day would never come, but I guess I'm eating my words now. I am embarrassed to say that . . . wait for it . . . I just bought a rolling briefcase (shudders).

I love a great shoulder bag (and believe you me, I have my fair share of them). But, there comes a time when 5 files, a laptop, and a bunch of other items becomes too much to carry on one measly shoulder. So I caved in preparation of an upcoming business trip, and bought a rolling briefcase.

It is not as bad as most rolling briefcases for two reasons: (1) it has a fun orange lining; and (2) it shares a name with the cutest dog ever (Riley).

Hopefully my shoulders and back will thank me (or else I have sacrificed my dignity for nothing).

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