Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ikea with Justin.

We made a very quick trip to Ikea last night. It would have been even quicker, but Justin was playing around on the Ikea carts. They move in all directions -- not just forward and backwards, like typical shopping carts. And, in Justin's words, "they glide."

While I was looking at the inventory, he ran off to find a cart. I looked over at the end of the aisle at the exact right time, and saw him coasting by on the cart. He then rode the cart down the aisle to where I was standing. It took him some extra time to position and shimmy the cart and himself just right -- once he got the cart, it wasn't until we had to put our items on it that he finally hopped off.

Here is his helping me pick out one of the items that we needed:

Stay tuned for what we bought at Ikea. Only one of them is currently assembled. Pictures to come soon!

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