Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kitchen Lighting.

I love our kitchen, but I think it could be even better with some new lighting. I am pretty sure the guy before us removed the light fixture above the breakfast room area. (He decided to change the fireplace too.) Neither renovation was a positive, if you ask me.

After several weeks of looking at decorpad, I finally was inspired to get some new lighting for our kitchen. It just so happened that Restoration Hardware is also currently having their annual lighting sale. Here are all of the pictures I saved as inspiration. All photos are from decorpad.

This last picture really sealed the deal for me. If you are really paying attention, you would recognize this kitchen from my dream home:

We decided to go with two 8" clemson pendants for over the island, one 14" pendant for over the table, and one 12" schoolhouse semi-flushmount for over the sink.

I can't wait to get them and see them in our kitchen. We found the 14" clemson pendant on ebay brand new for a great price and it shipped yesterday!


  1. Hi Emily,

    I love your choice of the Clemson Pendant from Restoration Hardware. I am also thinking of purchasing these for our kitchen but I am wondering one thing...Have you noticed any flies getting trapped in the fixture, and eventually dying, leaving their carcas in full view inside the light lying above the glass? This is my only fear with this fixture. You have had them for quite some time now and I wonder if this ever happened to you? ..Thanks in advance...Louis
    Please feel free to contact me anytime at

  2. Wow nice pictures reflect the good work of kitchen lighting

  3. wow! love the lamp lights! they will surely create a unique Bathroom looks that is warm and inviting. personally my dream kitchen has these lights from VGK "Kitchen Lighting " this blog is full of wonderful designs and positive thoughts on the remodel

  4. Love the finished look! The lighting looks so homey - it reminds me of the work of Kitchen Lighting. Great job - you really are a miracle worker!


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