Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bathroom Before & After.

It feels so good to say that our bathroom renovation is finally complete!  As a reminder, here are some before pictures: 

Here are some shots documenting the progress:

(My contribution to the new drywall.)

And the afters!!

I am thrilled with how it turned out.  It is much more relaxing and spa-like.  Justin worked very hard and did a great job on everything.  In addition to the obvious work, he also re-grouted and re-caulked the shower.

You can't really tell from the above pictures, but I replaced all of the knobs with antique-style glass knobs.  After a lot of looking around, I came across D. Lawless Hardware.  They had awesome prices ($1.95 each) and the shipping was free and super fast! 

Of course I need to accessorize a bit, but I couldn't wait to share the pictures!


  1. It looks awesome! Great work Justy! Awesome ideas Em.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous girl! I bet you are loving coming home to that space! =)

  3. LOVE it! So glamorous, and just perfect!


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