Monday, June 28, 2010

New Orleans: Windsor Court.

As I mentioned here, we recently went to New Orleans for our anniversary and stayed at the Windsor Court.  The hotel was great -- excellent customer service and our room was very nice and comfortable.  Since Justin booked our room, I actually had no idea it was going to be so spacious!

There was a little entryway when you first walked in that opened up into the living room area.  


The bedroom was divided from the living room by french doors. 

The only negative was the small television (but it really wasn't a big deal since we don't go on vacation to watch tv!). 

There were two different vanity areas (Justin was thankful he didn't have to navigate around all my stuff).  Because I didn't take a very good picture, you can't see it, but there was a cute little vanity stool in one of the areas.  Also, you can barely see a close-up of the pretty striped wallpaper on the right side of the top picture.

We had a little kitchen area too.

And, our room had a great balcony.  I'm in the bedroom portion of our room watching Justin take pictures off the balcony.

It was too hot to spend a lot of time out on the balcony, but we had some great views.  The hotel pool and fountain:

Views during the day:


Views during night:

And some random things that I enjoyed at the hotel:   

They put tasty chocolates in our room with a sweet happy anniversary card.

The elevators had gorgeous chandeliers in them!

The pretty hallway on the way to our room.

And, maybe my favorite thing -- our room had a doorbell!  I would ring it every time we went in or out because it was so cute (and I am immature!). 

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