Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mystery Solved.

I have had this horrible bitter taste on my lips and on my fingers all day today, and I could not figure out why.  It was like I had just used nail polish remover and then accidentally put my nails up to my mouth (don't tell me I am the only one that does that!).  I washed my hands about a thousand times today and it would never go away.

After some internet research, I determined that I am not alone.  It is actually from the 3M dust remover Justin used to clean my laptop this morning!  According to 3M's website, they put a bittering agent in the canned air to discourage bozos people from huffing it.  The liquid can dry on your keyboard, leaving a bitter residue.

It was kind of funny looking through people's thoughts about what could be causing it.  Some of my favorites: (1) being poisoned; (2) having gastro-esophageal reflux disease; (3) taking Vitamin D or acai berry; (4) using acne medication; or (5) having liver disease.

I did not take the advice of many people who recommended you lick the keyboard to see if it's bitter.  Um, no thanks.  I did, however, already take 3M's advice and wiped down the keyboard with isopropyl alcohol and water.  I am just glad the mystery is solved!  

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  1. Oh how funny! Thats good you figured out what it was!


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