Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bookshelf Love.

I want this exact bookshelf in my house.  It is just perfect!

How great is that fabric in the back?  So fun!  It makes me want to do that in the bookshelves in our living room to liven them up a bit.  I also love the way the shelves have been styled. 

I've been searching for a pierced white ginger jar, so of course I'm loving the one up there on the top shelf.  Also, I spy a Domino magazine or two.  (I still miss that magazine.)  And is that a bit of imperial trellis fabric in the basket?  Love it!    


  1. those little ginger jars have been at HomeGoods/TJMaxx/Marshalls recently, if they are in your area.

  2. glad you found the jars...I keep picking up new ones every time I go in. And I love your bathroom redo, I bookmarked it for future inspiration!


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