Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Eve.

I hope everyone had a happy new year! Ours was extremely low key. We went out to eat at the Black Lab with Meagan, Jeremy, and Kevin and then came back to our place to ring in the New Year. (Because Meagan and Jeremy are so popular, they had to leave to attend another party.) I quickly threw together Annie's Eats seven layer bars so we would have something to snack on until midnight. For as easy as the bars were to make, they were pretty tasty.

Along with the seven layer bars, the boys had Chimay (a Belgian beer made by monks). According to the label, we were total rule breakers by thinking about serving it in regular drinking glasses. Instead, Justin and Kevin decided it would be better to serve it in wine glasses since we don't have dedicated Chimay glasses.

Kevin was very excited about his Chimay find at Central Market for a good price. The bottle was huge (1.5 L) -- compare it to the 2 normal-sized sparkling wine bottles.

Justin tried to use the timer on our camera for the first time. As you can see, it took some trial and error to figure out how it worked.

There we go!

Happy New Year!

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