Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Deep End.

So The Deep End premiered Thursday night on abc. The show is about first year associates that begin working at a large law firm. As a mid-level associate at a large law firm, I felt that I was obligated to at least watch the first episode.

One thing is for sure, the show is not an accurate portrayal of associate-life at a law firm. Who talks to partners like that? Who goes to court during their first week? Who doesn't run a conflicts check before accepting a case? Who has time to go to some swanky bar with a pool multiple nights a week with their co-workers? On the other hand, I guess I should be thankful the show is not representative of my day at the office -- or it would be a huge snooze.

The show was disappointing overall, but I will probably watch it again next week . . . and wonder why I wasted my time (again).


  1. You also forgot to mention that it was basically a porno, without the nudity.

  2. And really, the girl from Napoleon Dynamite was way too "eccentric." Really, you're going to run through a metal detector? We didn't even finish the episode.


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