Thursday, January 28, 2010

5 things . . .

Most of the time when I do my "5 things" list, I try to be positive and thankful about things. Well today is different. There is no way around it, today wasn't a great day, and I am not the in the mood to pretend it was. So instead of trying to find the silver lining in a day where many things went wrong (some minor, some not so minor), my list today will be 5 things that made today a not-so-good day:

1. The appellate court denied my motion for continuance this morning.

2. I forgot to put eyeliner on my left eye this morning. Once I realized it at the office, I tried to rub off the eyeliner on my right eye.

3. I forgot my lunch today and resorted to trying Subway again after a long hiatus. (It was the only food place near my law school, so I ate it all the time and got very sick of it.) I won't be returning anytime soon. My sandwich was terrible and way too toasted. I ate the turkey and lettuce (and that wasn't even good) and threw away the gross bread. To make matters worse, I got to hear everyone in my hall leave for a long lunch, while I sat in my office picking at my sub-par sub.

4. A filing we thought was due Monday is really due tomorrow, which means dinner at the office. It's never a great day when you eat all 3 meals at your desk.

5. The weather was cloudy, drizzly, and dreary.

Thanks for reading my vent. I feel better.


  1. Yeah, don't do Subway. Jeremy has had major issues with their sandwich construction. Next time - Treebeard's!

  2. We all have those days. My husbands mantra is "yesterday ended last night and today is a new day". So keep repeating that to yourself. =) Hoping for a better day for you.


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