Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Riley is in major need of a grooming, but I think he's extra cuddly when he is furry. Here he is doing his best to look super cute at the breakfast table. He usually sits for about a minute, then realizes we never feed him from the table, and lays down. I mean, why waste your energy sitting up if it's not going to pay off anyway? If we make any sudden movements in his direction, he hops up into his sitting/begging position.

I was sitting on one of the ottomans in the kitchen with my laptop in my lap one morning, and Riley came up and tried to figure out how he could also squeeze in my lap. After several attempts with no success, he somehow ended up with all 4 paws in a tray we keep on one of the ottomans. He stayed like that for quite a while and tried to figure out why we were laughing at him.

Look at that sweet face.


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