Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bathroom Organization.

The other weekend I decided to clean out and organize our medicine (other miscellaneous items) cabinet in our bathroom.

Here is the before:

and the after:

Believe it or not, I actually added a bunch of new stuff in there. It is just organized much better. Well, actually it is just organized. Saying "better" implies that there was some organization system in the first place.

These little baskets from Container Store work perfectly here. We have since added one to hold all the sunscreen in the middle shelf and bought several more to organize another bathroom cabinet. Having the handles is so nice. It is so easy just to pull down whatever you need. The medicine is organized by ailment -- one for bandages, one for tummy issues, one for colds, etc. I also threw out lots of expired medicine that we certainly no longer needed.

(In case you are wondering, we have a coffee pot in our bathroom. Hence the mugs, coffee filters, and sugar in the cabinet.)

While I was on a roll, I decided to organize my most used bathroom drawers too. I forgot to take before pictures (oops), but here are the afters:

I read in Real Simple a while back that you shouldn't buy one of those massive drawer organizers, but instead get smaller individual bins to better fit what you have. I tried it out and am a believer. I did keep my larger organizer for some of my make-up (which works decently), but got smaller ones for the other items.

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