Sunday, January 11, 2009

House Tour - Kitchen/Breakfast Room.

Since the other pictures of our kitchen and breakfast room turned out like bad abstract art, here is a second attempt.

This is the view as you walk in from the dining room:

Here is the kitchen portion (obviously):

We love having lots of open space right off the kitchen, but it is almost too big (if you ask me). It is great however when we entertain -- everyone always hangs out in the kitchen so this open space is the perfect place for everyone to congregate.

While a couch (or "sofette") is generally not a piece of furniture you would ordinarily find in a breakfast room, we had so much space that a table alone looked kind of wimpy. It really is great to have this couch in there. We use it all the time -- it is nice to sit and visit with Justin while he is cooking or to hang out while we wait for coffee.

We also love the ottomans. They make a perfect food rest and double as extra seating when people are over. I loved the idea of orange, but we had a hard time finding any that went with the sofette's color and scale. So we bought super cheap ottomans from Target, and my mother-in-law recovered them for us with the coordinating Pottery Barn fabric you can purchase by the yard. And voila -- inexpensive, matching ottomans.

And, while not overly exciting, here is the powder room:

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  1. what a beautiful home! :) Just came accross your blog and i love it! s


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