Thursday, January 29, 2009

America's Best Dance Crew.

Another MTV show that I am a fan of is America's Best Dance Crew.

Justin watches it too, but at least with this MTV show he doesn't have to pretend that he doesn't enjoy it, like he does with the others. We jokingly call it "RJPABDC 3" for "short" because it is always super awkward when Mario Lopez, the host, says the name of the show. And let's be serious, the official title is pretty tedious (but Randy's got to get his shout-out).

I knew things were off to a good start tonight because the crews were dancing to songs by Britney Spears. Justin also didn't disappoint -- as soon as he saw Mario, he said "Man, Mario hasn't looked that slick since the days back at Bayside High."

Besides the dancing (of course) and the endless jokes about A.C. Slater, my favorite parts of the show are Mario's sweet play on words before and after every performance. His "witty" comments are painfully predictable. Here are some favorites from tonight's Britney-themed show found on MTV's website:
  • Were you beggin' "Gimme More" after the Strikers All-Stars' performance?
  • Did this week's Dynamic Edition performance make the crew "Stronger"?
  • Have Quest Crew made themselves a "Toxic" competitor?
  • Did the Ringmasters live up to their name with "Circus"?
Even though the puns "Drive Me Crazy" ("Oops! I Did It Again"), the crews are extremely talented and every season I am more impressed with their skills. In case anyone actually follows the show, my favorite crew tonight was the Beat Freaks, followed by Strikers All-Stars (how cool were those mirror illusions?).

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