Sunday, January 18, 2009

Better Blogging.

Well, I guess my posts or blog won't actually be any better, but I am working with much better technology.

My old laptop was falling apart -- the volume control didn't work, you had to pick it up gingerly because the screen portion would separate from the base, it would take 10+ minutes to return from sleep mode, etc.

Thankfully, my technology-savvy husband customized a new laptop for me. It is awesome -- no more waiting for it to turn on (patience has never been a virtue of mine), I can control the volume, and the screen is not only connected to the base securely, it is nice and wide and super clear. (Justin -- thanks for taking all the time you did to build me the perfect laptop!)

Not only am I blogging from a better laptop, we also switched from Comcast internet and cable service to U-verse. It is SO much better! We can play recorded shows from all of our TVs (instead of just 1), and I can log into U-verse's website remotely to record a show if I am away from home. How cool is that?

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