Monday, March 22, 2010

Kitchen Update.

I mentioned a long time ago about getting new kitchen lighting (here and here).  The lights were installed before Christmas, so besides just flat out forgetting to post pictures of them, I have no excuse for not sharing them earlier!

Here's the breakfast table area before (and notice the "boob" light, as Sarah Richardson would say, above the sink):

And after with the 18" clemson pendant from Restoration Hardware:

 The kitchen island area before:

And after with two 8" clemson pendants:

And here's a shot of all of the new lights, including the schoolhouse pendant over the sink.

I love having the extra light over the table and the island.  Looking back at before pictures makes me realize how empty the space looked.


  1. Where did you purchase your dining tables and chairs? Are they PB?


  2. Yep, they are PB. It's the Aris table:

    and the Napoleon upholstered chairs:

  3. Thanks, Emily. I thought so! I love your kitchen spaces!

  4. Hi Emily,

    Sorry this is kinda random but would you mind measuring the distance between your island to the your dishwasher, island to cook-top counter, island to fridge? We are in the process of getting an island and we want to make sure we get our measurements right for comfortable walking distance/space around it and to make sure that we don't purchase an island that's too big for our space.


  5. So beautiful. I am envious of your island. So pretty!


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