Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back Home.

I left Monday morning and headed to Denver for an oral argument we had before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.  The courthouse was absolutely beautiful.  From what I understand, the building was recently restored.  There's a lot of marble and gorgeous architecture.  Unfortunately, they do not let you take cameras or phones with cameras past security.  Of all times I wanted to take some pictures!  But I found some pictures on the court's website. 

This is the actual courtroom where we had our argument.  It was so grand for being so small.  You can't see all the beautiful details in the picture below (I sat there for 15 minutes just admiring everything before the arguments started), so take my word for it!

This is the lobby area.  The arches were so pretty.  They also had these cool U.S. seals in the ceiling. 

 (photos: here)

Once the argument was done in Denver, we headed straight to Cincinnati for another oral argument before the Sixth Circuit.

(photo: here)

We stayed at the Cincinnatian Hotel, which was originally built in 1882.  It was a pretty neat hotel.  As a side note, their mini-bar peanut M&Ms were the perfect treat while I was working in my room all day!   

(photo: here)

Needless to say, I am way past tired.  It is great to be back home. 

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