Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guest Post, The day of J

Today was an amazing day. So amazing it drove me to blog about it. I'll stick with Emily's theme of making a list. I like this format because it allows you to efficiently blog about several topics at once without having to deal with transitions from one topic to the next. Here goes my list:

1. The weather in Houston today was perfect. Cool in the morning, mid 60's in the afternoon and full sun. I walked out onto our second floor balcony several times to take it all in. I also spent a little bit of time working in the backyard and I took our dog on a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. Emily and I went down the street to Westheimer (where it's antique shops and tattoo parlours) and we did a bit of "antiquing" (I acknowledge there is no verb form of "antique" and sounds ridiculous, but I like making fun of the English language).

2. Today was also a funny day. Emily was laughing at me all day. I'm glad because she's really needed some moments to take her mind off of work. She reminded me that she had sent me an email yesterday (it was a very sweet email and I really appreciated it) and in it she told me, "I love you." However, I responded with a very sincere, "Thank you for the sweet email" but I didn't include anything like, "I love you too." She was giving me a hard time about it and instead of telling her, "I love you" as she expected, I replied with "I usually do" as in "I usually do remember to include an 'I love you' back." She immediately acted upset and I seized the opportunity by saying, "I usually do love you."

3. Another one that Emily got a good laugh from: We were planning a trip to Target today and she said she needed some comfortable pants to wear to the doctor on Friday. Let me stop and give you a quick background here. I have a habit of naming several of Emily's pants based on their function or some defining feature. It's my way of making fun of them. For example, I have given the following names to various pairs of Emily's pants: rectangle pants, yoga pants (she didn't use them for yoga, but apparently that's what they are supposed to be used for), gaucho pants (baggy knit pants that she likes to relax around the house in), lounging pants (really pajama pants, but today I re-branded them work pants because she was going to work a lot today while wearing them). So when I learned that Emily wanted a pair of pants to wear to her Dr. appointment for an SI joint injection, I started calling the pants "injection pants". I will never call them anything else but "injection pants."

4. Third thing Emily insisted I blog about: On our garage wall I hung a holder for garden tools, brooms and other items that have long handles. When we arrived home from Target I showed it off to Emily by adding an old floor lamp to the other items that it was holding. So our garden tool/broom holder is holding a shovel, a rake, a broom, a mop, and a floor lamp.

5. The fourth Emily request: I noticed a really tall weed (about 3 feet tall) next to the car when we were unloading the car from Target. So I went and grabbed the gloves that I had just bought today at Southland's a hardware store that is in our neighborhood. An aside here, Emily for the longest time called it Southwell's which is a hamburger joint around town and she now calls it by the wrong name on purpose just to annoy me. I put one on (they were still attached together and I could only get one on) and pulled the weed out. Emily thought the gloves looked goofy. I told her that the weed looked like radicchio and she laughed at my incorrect pronunciation. I said, "whatever it is, it's ridiculous."

Emily thinks I was extra funny today. Of course most of these are "you just had to be there" or funnier because of the inside jokes we have. Most of all though, I don't think it is a coincidence that she thinks I was extra funny at the end of a week where she worked over 70 hours.

Emily begged me to blog today and I'm glad that I filled the space for her while she is busy working. I know the jokes are lame; I'm just glad no one reads this blog. Zing!

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